Monday, February 15, 2016


Well, a lot of things are closed, though not anything in Beverly Hills where the Asians, I guess they mostly are, could spend money.  I wonder if someone might show the outfits to Hillary.  You'd think with all the liberals she had in her corner, and Jamie Lee Curtis, she might have picked a better outfit.
     It is all so sad, albeit interesting.  Scalia was such a bright man, though stuck in a primordial place.  I think he would have been pleased to have brought everything to such a screeching halt, on a day that was so much about presidents, to have seen how long ago the country is even while pretending to be today.  How is it possible that Mitch McConnell could parade his tight-assedness so proudly, and with such a pulled mouth?  How do these alleged people show their inhumanity so proudly?
     Well, I must try to get on with my life, what's left of it, and return to my I-won't-categorize-it-Memoir. I started to make a list of all the Beautiful and Famous I knew, and besides holes in memory wondered how many of them would resound in the brains of today, provided there are some.  I mean I really don't know how smart people are now, that they could even think about Donald Trump.  Scary.  If he should be a candidate come vote time, and the skies are not filled with flak (is that how you spell it?) I shall definitely hot-plane it to Europe.  Sad, not just for the country and the world, but the history of the human race, that it could have come so far and then imploded.