Monday, December 21, 2015


So as if the world had not become stupid and scary enough, not necessarily in that order, we now have a planet where our avowed worst enemy, Putin, has endorsed our most self-aggrandizing egotist, Donald Trump.  I have been told by my smartest friend, Joanna Rose, who knows him, that Trump is not stupid, and I have to believe her or she would not be my smartest friend.  So what is he doing?  I understand that the enormity of his ego makes him care not at all for the consequences of his blustery words, other than making himself even more visible. But be afraid: be very very afraid.  And come sit beside me while we shiver so we're not isolated in this.
    Am sad beyond my ability to express in words --probably for the best-- at the state of the world, with nothing worse except for the theatre, the thing I used to love most when it really was. Wanted to see the revival of Fiddler, but the musician I trust most (Steve) says Tevye is too thin and the critic I trust most (Rex) has seen enough so he isn't even going.   The moment I saw on TV was completely unmoving, and one of the few advantages of being as old as I am is having lived long enough to have actually seen Zero, than whom there could not be anyone better EVER.  And Bea Arthur was beyond wonderful, and it never mattered how drunk she was before or after, she was always on point onstage.
      I am missing friends in other parts of the world but have no intention of traveling unless absolutely unavoidable.  Wish there was something I really needed to do in Seattle, except if they could terrorize San Bernardino,nothing is unimaginable.  What a world. 
        I have several times now tried starting to read Infinite Jest but consider perhaps he committed suicide because he couldn't believe how ready the world was to consider it a masterpiece, when he knew.