Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Sword of Damocles

    The broken crane on 57th Street hangs over my neighborhood like the Sword of Damocles, an expression that many of us have used all our lives, that we may not have known the meaning of exactly, like my friend Susie confessed, and I shared in the ignorance.  Apparently in the court of Dyonisus there was a sycophant (we all know what that means) named Damocles, who envied Dionisus it may be spelled, until he said "Maybe you'd like to walk in my shoes" which he didn;t say exactly but may have been thinking how Bob Dylan might make it into a song.  So they changed places, and Damocles had a fine time enjoying all the wealth and comfort until he noticed a sword hanging over his head, and Dionisus told him "That's how I feel all the time, governing."  
    The sword that hangs over us at this moment, forgive me, Republicans, many of whom I count as true friend, is Mitt Romney.  I have never been so uneasy in my life.  Call me on Wednesday.  He is not so much an unknown as an empty suit, a bully, and a man who changes postures as some change their clothes.  I'm scared.
    But today I saw a movie that actually made me forget the election: A LATE QUARTET.  Rush.  It is an argument for art like none I have seen before, and I am grateful and cleansed by the experience.
    Along with other disasters, my MAC, preceding the disaster, died, and I have now to go to the Apple store on 5th(I am at the one on the West Side,) to see how much, if any of it, can be saved.
    These are the times that try men's heels.  Are you listening, Mitt?