Wednesday, November 07, 2012


    Well, we aren't exactly dancing in the streets, the streets being hobbled by a serious snowfall.  But mark how it came the day AFTER the voting, so people were not discouraged from going to the polls.  
    I am convinced in the part of me that is a serious secret believer, that all this was the hand of God-- don't tell Bill Maher.  That for all the horror of the storm, the loss in life and property, it gave Obama the opportunity to appear presidential, which he is, and so saved this country.  And it is a great country, that deserves to continue on the idealistic rails that were laid down by the Framers, who, the best of them at least(Ben Franklin and Jefferson) believed in Reincarnation.  So I hope they were here to see.
    But we are embracing in the hallways.  Cerene, the wonderful, big-breasted bird who helps keep this building in order, and brings me clean sheets and a vacuum cleaner once a week, said she had to give me a hug, and did, as she knew how worried I was.  It was like being a part of a very high end soap opera-- nobody knew how it would turn out; the suspense was terrible and wonderful.  But it gave a reason to get out of bed every morning, and fall asleep at long, restive last,  every night.
    A reason to live, really, loving your country,  caring deeply what happens to it.  And seeing it work the best it can work, when people really put themselves on the line, or at the end of it.
    Cerene had to wait an hour and a half to vote, after waiting a useless half hour that got her no nearer to her vote, making it necessary for her to go home and get something to eat (she is diabetic) and then come back and wait again.  But it was worth it, because we won.  The country won.
     I would like to say something gracious about Mitt Romney, as our president did, saying he was going to meet with him and enlist his thoughts about the future, but I can't.  That Obama was that generous of spirit is proof of who the man is, after the flanks of Romney's army stood stubbornly insisting Ohio was not over, his minions waiting at the airports with their suitcases read to fly out and fight against the announced result.  I did not see Obama's victory speech until today, I was so exhausted last night, having fought this whole campaign right along with him, at least in my belly, which was heavily engaged.  I think all  felt this way who supported him, even those of us who had friends we could temporarily not speak to, because it was so hard to understand how they could possibly support Mitt.  I mean, just listen to his name.  Reaction to who he was, or, more important, who he wasn't, was absolutely visceral.  Much as I didn't like W., I never felt quite the same degree of distrust and.. sorry, God... loathing.
     He seems to me, Romney does, to be the box he came in.  
     So thank God, who had a vested interest in this great Republic from its very beginning-- check the beliefs of its Founding Fathers.  And thank all of you who voted.  Even those who voted against him, because that was all part of the drama.  Apparently even the Almighty enjoys great Theater once in a while.  Or else He/She wouldn't have given us Shakespeare, and, at too long last, someone as intelligently eloquent as this remarkable man.