Friday, March 04, 2016


So even as you imagine, hope, pray if you're a religious person or even if you're not, that the worst is behind us(Richard Nixon, little Bush) there comes Donald Trump.  Now anybody who thinks or pretends or tries to, finds out there's true madness on the horizon, and not very bright madness at that.  The worst of it is he thinks he's smart.  Or maybe that's not the worst of it.  I am afraid we will find out what is.
    That he actually imagined he was educated, and was prideful in the bargain, tells you probably more than we need to know about what's happening with this country.  I have a very brilliant friend who was actually friendish with him, -- that is not quite "friendly," but as I don't know the exact level of their connection I don't want to give it a word I can't attest to the level of caring of, and she  didn't despise him, so he must have a different face from the horrible one he is showing right now.   Or maybe not.  Maybe she is simply more generous of spirit than I could ever have dreamed.  Either that or she has an incredible imagination.
       It is all past super-sad, and my son whose most intense focus is the Rams' coming to Los Angeles feels I am wasting my energy even caring.  My doctor, whom I love, hates Obama as much as Republicans do, for what he has done to doctors.  I am trying, as a reformed/occasional believer in some mystical Force behind this All, and an old friend/admirer of Benjamin Franklin, attached to the concept of an indomitable and indestructible spirit, and who gave our once great country a lot of great ideas as well as kites, wondering where he could be hiding if he was right.  How could this be happening?  Oh, if only I still wrote incredible sex.  There would be orifices where I could secrete myself.
     And the worst of it: he does have little hands.  Or maybe that's not the worst of it.  That would be if he actually won.