Monday, March 02, 2015


Got up early as I should have lo these many Sundays, and went to what I thought would be a gathering of Jack-style meditators, but had the wrong address and so ended up going to my old Quaker meeting.  At least I knew whether or not God would be there, the Friends would be.  Anyone who is skeptical about Divine Mercy should have been with me.
     Joy in the Silence, and afterwards a ride from a teacher, one of the attenders, to the beach.   Walking along it long and empty enough that I filled up, went onto the pier and into Bubba Gump, arguably the worst name in the West, but a strangely comforting setting.  Had a window table as the sky filled, emptied, and tables of happy people ate shrimp and played Trivia questions from Forrest Gump.  
   Made a few friends, and then went walking along the shorefront trying to find the little hotel I stayed in once.  It was disappointing, so started walking back towards the pier and was caught in a much needed rain-- not by me, but the land-- found-- well, here it is, in a poem.
   I walked by the beach
   Stepped by the sea
   Found a stoop to sit on
   That protected me
   Had the bounce of a frog
   The will of a lion
   Played with a dog
   Made a little girl stop cryin'.

Not the best poem in the world, but it made me happy to be both cool in the traditional sense, and creative.  Then as it became a downpour, I picked up a young couple of lovers, actors of course.  We became friendish, and they took me home.  Not a bad day.  
    I really should be living at the beach; we'll see what happens.  Jamie came by this morning before leaving for New Orleans to do a TV series, and she will send me a list of places, being the organized and thorough woman she is in addition to generous and gifted. 
    It had been my hope to write something wonderful before I left the planet, and Betty Srere, my loved friend from Bryn Mawr who comes here in winter, says I will,-- she is very smart, so we'll hope do.  But this has been less than pleasant and productive as well as expensive, so we'll see if the Graces have a plan.