Monday, September 01, 2014


Lovely and welcoming.  Am glad to be Home, which I think it is, at least until the Republicans take over.
    Cleaning out my desk for what I believe will be the Final Encampment, I came across the following pome, which, helas, is still apt.
    I grieve for lost connection
    The friendships of my youth
    When we sought Love and Fame and Joy
     And some of us the Truth
     But not that dedicatedly
     We had a world of time
     And days shone trouble-free 
     And endless, now and then sublime
     Then we lost touch, the constant calls
      Shared hopes, rehearsal dinners
      Condolences when parents passed
      Auguri to the winners.
      But then came loss and grief and age
      So called on to mature
      We moved onto a different page
       That headlined: just endure.
       And so we have, and so we do
       Except for the deceased
       There's more of them of late, 'tis true
       We should have phoned at least
        Or asked an old friend out to lunch
        Because you just don't know
        When someone that you greatly prized
        Might be the next to go.
       So call the friend who might be lonely
       Melancholy, sick
       For no one lives forever
       Except for Cheney, that Dick.

     Tweet me no Whatsapp
      Rhyme me a rhyme
      Write me a letter
      While there's still time
      'Ere closes the post office
      Falters Fedex
      And nothing but Google
      Is left that connects
       Send me some roses
       Encloses a brief note
       Nothing excessive
       Just proof that you wrote
       You don't have to love me
        Or be too considerate
        Only show someone
        Is still somewhat literate.

ALL FOR NOW.  Will continue cleaning out my desk, my mind, and my heart.  Love, Gwen