Sunday, June 09, 2013


So having risen very early, 4:30 AM to be exact, I decided that as that was the spiritual hour I rose when I did retreats(not too many) with my beloved and wonderful Jack, that I should resume my quest for The Truth, and check out the churches.  I began with the Good Shepherd, the Catholic experience, interesting but unmoving, then made my way towards All Saints which would be the Episcopal experience, only to be diverted by a call from a friend who said she would save me from that experience by ushering me into a breakfast from the Bagel Nosh, which is the Jewish experience.  We had a nice breakfast, and she dropped me off at the Apple store in Beverly Hills, so I could have the Techie experience.
   Now understand I am trying to develop Patience, which those who know me understand is my shortest suit.  So I spent three hours prior to my actual appointment working out little issues I have been having, remaining calm and steadfast till my one to one.  Then I had my one to one with Gina, a very amiable your woman, an hour in which we reset all my passwords on Twitter and Facebook and Google itself, so there would be a uniformity with all this crap I can't stand but have to try and be a part of if I am to continue in this no-eye-contact-little-real-personal-communication universe.  Then I walked back from Century City, stopping to not adopt a Shitzu in the pet adoption center, because if you knew Mimi you would understand how hard it is to get a replacement, as if she could be replaced.
   Then I got home,  My Mac would not open because it didn't like the password.  AND STILL I DIDN"T KILL ANYONE OR MYSELF.
   I spent the next three hours with various emergency contacts I had to make on other people's phones and computers, and now it is seven hours since all this began, and I have just managed to settled all the issues.  So this is my message: I AM A DIVINE MESSENGER.  No, wait a second before you call 911.  This is the DIVINE MESSAGE:  If I can have gotten through all this without going completely mad, everyone has God in them.  And obviously God has now incorporated Steve Jobs into Her Being.
   I WILL BE SORRY TOMORROW I POSTED THIS, but God is forgiving.  At least I hope so.