Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Great Evening in the Theater, Make that GREAT! underlined

    So just when I was wondering why I had moved back to New York to fill my soul with theater again, having been so disappointed with everything I've seen, and finding everything over-rated, I have been lifted and spiritually resurrected by THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD.  It is so charming, so funny and enjoyable, that it made me remember why I loved the theater.
   To begin with, the whole interplay between cast and audience that happens before the official start of the show, is so engaging, it brings the audience to life, making them a part of it.  (I except the people who were sitting next to my friend Susan, who were texting and checking their cell phones during the performance, and whom, in spite of my having achieved or trying to achieve spiritual serenity, I did wish dead.  Or at least out of the theater.  I imagine this to be a generational difference, but I do wish the texters of the world would move to another planet.)  
    But back to joy, which prevailed.  The sets are so good I could have moved to the streets depicted on the drop curtain.  The cast is flawless-- most especially the always riveting and energetic Chita Rivera, who herself is a living monument to talent and drive in women.  The young man who plays the young man who doesn't count, whose name I never found out, is particularly memorable except that having never found out his name, I can't remember it.  But it was a treat and a half.  Maybe two.
   The ingenious creator of the evening, Rupert Holmes, who did book, music AND lyrics is unbelievably gifted, and obviously stalwart, as we understand how hard it is for someone that multi-talented not to scare people away, in a society and profession where people are more comfortable when they can pigeonhole, put you in a particular pocket.  He has broken out of any and all of them.  A FANTASTIC EVENING!  Go go go.
    Happy holidays to all, which will be enhanced if you go see this.  xx