Saturday, August 11, 2012

Writing Off Mitt's Write-Offs

    This morning's New York Times has an article about Mitt's refusal to show his returns.  I am quick to cite it as a colleague I admire but don't know has just been nailed for plagiarism, so I want to offend and/or cheat no one.  No, that isn't true.  I would like to offend Mitt.
    I would like to offend him because it would be interesting to see what he had to say/express facially/stumble over if offended.  I wonder if he would know, he seems so programmed, as if he had a little Victrola (it seems that old) playing in his ear.
Not since the fall of Mark Zuckerberg have I felt such delight, elation even, in someone's discomfiture.
    For all the anti-Obama sentiment, which stuns me, especially since some of it comes from people I genuinely admire, like my doctor, and the doctor who tended to me a few days ago, both of whom flare at the mention of his name, from what seems a convincingly calm persona, I cannot believe that much as they dislike him, they could actually cast a vote for this boob.  I can't think of the Porn star about whom it was written that she had had more positions than Mitt Romney, but nameless, the thought still makes me smile. 
    But not in a good way.  I am genuinely fearful for my country, finding this the first reason to rejoice in being older, as I lived through greatness in candidates, even when they were Republicans, harbor a childhood memory of feeling bad for Wendell Wilkie during his concession speech, because he sounded like such a nice man.  And I actually voted for Ronald Reagan, and remember my beloved classmate at Bryn Mawr, Loi, Roosevelt's grand-daughter, campaigning for Eisenhower.
    What is the upmarket expression for 'Boob?'  As measured and thoughtful a job as Jon Stewart is doing, presenting this loser(one can only hope) to America, there seem to be people who could actually vote for him.  Have they listened to what is not even his Doublespeak?  One longs for Aldous Huxley to come back and write WUSSY NEW WORLD.
     My favorite thing is that Rafalda, his dancing horse, did not even make it into the Olympics because he failed to score enough points to contend in dressage.  If racing is the Sport of Kings, what the fuck is Dressage?  Doesn't anyone besides us see what a dolt he is?  On the tax return he DID submit, from a year we can only assume he did not look tooooooo rich, Rafalda is listed as a money-losing investment, rather than a hobby.  But as Mrs. Mitt loves him so, and doesn't seem to mind that he didn't even qualify, I wonder if, since all the horses were Fedexed to London, they will fly him back on the outside of the plane.
    Oh, beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, drying in the drought.  What have we done wrong that people-- good people-- can actually take this man seriously.  Now that he has chosen Paul Ryan, who I understand CAN speak, the issue is clearly one of Class Warfare.  God Bless America, and save her from all this implosion.  Ben Franklin believed in Reincarnation.  Ben! Ben!  Say SOMETHING!!!