Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Never Have to Make Anything Up

    Just in case those readers I might have wonder where my material comes from, I admit to being a scavenger, letting life provide me with just as much as, and often more than does my imagination.

     Last night I had sort of a party, to celebrate Life, the finishing of a new book, (PARADISE DARK, writ in Bali,) SCANDAL, the novel written in this hotel, the Mosaic, being available in actual print (on and just being alive in general, gathering a few old friends.
    When what to my wondering eyes should appear, wandering in from the next room, but Herman Cain. As you will know if you have ever tuned in (by mistake, probably, or one can hope) to Entertainment Tonight, a premiere is nothing without a guest celebrity. So it was more than kind of Providence to blow him in, so to speak, as you could not hope for anything more outrageous.  nyone could come up with Brad and Angelina. It took all the Forces of this country's subterranean spirits, with their wry sense of humor and improbablity, to manifest this one.
    Herman Cain, (vilified by the media, he did declare, coming up with all those women who lied) wanted a copy of my novel. I told him I would have very much liked to give him one, but as there has been a sea change in publishing (more accurately, a tsunami) the publisher has given me no free books. He said he would be glad to buy one.
    "How much is it?" he asked.
    "9.99," said I.
    "You're kidding," said Herman Cain. Twas then I remembered that 999 was the center, the signpost of his whole campaign, whatever the hell it meant (I doubt that anyone knows, including Herman Cain.) But it was adorable of the universe to throw me that one.