Friday, September 05, 2008


So, as the West sinks slowly in the West, we bid farewell to the still surprisingly appealing Southern California, and make our way (we hope, what with Hurricane Hanna) to New York. This has been a very unsettling time in which a great many personal things were settled, but I have great fears for the future of our country.
Anyway, I love you all, but find my brain pan empty of thought, so angered and saddened am I by the level of venality of the Republican convention. I am also saddened by the truth that I am not as evolved as I thought, as I really would have been happy to have a bomb fall on it.
I have to pack up the computer now, as I fly out early in the morning, so I will bid you all a fond Au Revoir(I hope.) But the new novel is finished and good, I have a funny idea for a movie, have made peace with my children, joy with my two little grand-boys(I actually made Lukas(8) laugh, and Silas(almost 5) told me today I was funny,) so all’s right with the world except for the world. And up the street, around the corner, is Napoleon, 15 months, with whom I have fallen very much in love, and he with me, so there is much to come back to, if it’s still here.
God Bless You all, as they said constantly, and God Bless America(ditto.) Oh, God. Help us.