Monday, February 25, 2008

Charming Child Stories

A friend of mine from Bryn Mawr, so knows how far Memory can go back, fears that Memory might not go forward, so thinks I should write down what Silas (Age 4) says or I will forget. Had lunch with a very bright pal, which always gives the lie to what they say about LA, and told her the least endearing thing he said, and she found it most endearing. So I shall unpack what loveliness has happened so far, to make room in my mental luggage for anything tk, as we say in the journalistic profession, which I seem to have abandoned, but means: to come.
Also I am tussling with my novel, so praps its a good idea to leave sentimental baggage behind, and harden my heart, like Pharoah.
Silas at three: "Read me a story from your mind."(My favorite)
"Are you going to get a house?" "No." The apartment's big enough for me."
Silas: "Don't you want kids?"
When I explained that I'd had kids, that his dad was my son, he said "But he was never little."
When asked where his mother was one Saturday ; "In schule."
"What's it like in schule?"
"Boring." A beat. "So boring I weed my pants."

Now he's turned four, so there began a series of outings where I also introduced new words. I wrote a little children's book for him that he wasn't much interested in, because he wanted pictures. One of the words in it was "Indeed." "I don't know what indeed means," he said. Payoff tk.

"We're going to have an adventure," I said. "What's an adventure?"
"It's something you don't know how it's going to turn out, and it involves taking a little bit of a chance, but it almost always ends up fun."
So far we have had a number of adventures. They have involved collecting maple leaves, buying flowers, which I have counseled him he should do for girls "When I get married?" he asks. "Yes," I said, "and even before."
"I'm going to remember this adventure forever," he said.. "Even if you're dead. Even if I'm dead."
Then there was yesterday. In between park and bumper cars on the Santa Monica pier, and corn on the cob and a taxi back to the car as it was far to walk, and he was tired, I told him that 'indeed' meant Yes, that's really true.
Afterwards there were crepes on Main Street. "This is the best adventure we've had," he said, when it was almost over. "I'm serious."
"Really?" I said.
"Indeed," said Silas. "Indeed."