Friday, April 20, 2007


Today is Hitler's birthday, and for those of you (us) who thought there was an end-time for a clear delineation of evil, SURPRISE! These past few days have seen an outcrop of ugliness that reminds me of when I was taking geology, and our professor marched us through Wissahicken Schist. We laughed then, because we were undergraduates and made little jokes of mispronunciation in our minds. But the world, or certainly our country, has lost any concept of decency and privacy, and what has outcropped onto the airways is Wissahicken Shit.
We could only turn away from the constant broadcasting of the horror at Virginia Tech, the excuse on the part of the networks being that it was a "News Story," and so there was an obligation to broadcast it. Really? Wasn't Auschwitz? Did we have to see the films of the skeletons and bulldozed bodies if we weren't sadistic?
How low have we sunk, that those who regulate our laws(see Gonzalez) are the patently stupidest, and the biggest liars. And worse, that the alleged 'Truth' is broadcast on the 'Today'Show, which had the tasteless temerity to run Alec Baldwin's rant to his daughter, undoubtedly sent to YouTube by the relentless bitchery of his ex-wife. What's wrong with people? What business was it of ours?
And what business is the Today Show in, that they would make that a part of supposedly homespun Americana?
I feel so bad for Baldwin that he blew, so sorry for his having loved not wisely and apparently not too well either. I am so sickened by the villainy of his ex-wife, that she has such a vampiric appetite for revenge. But most of all I am sad for our country, that this kind of crap is going down, welcomed, and exploited,
We have learned nothing from the man who made the cover of Time Magazine, because that publication really had no choice but to put Hitler on it, he was such a dark force. But "the last good war" was apparently never really won. The forces of evil, something I never really wanted to believe existed, are elbowed into the sidelines by the forces of media.
I remember during Watergate, when I went to a dinner party at the Georgetown Club; my friend Diane, who was my guide at the time into the world of metaphysics, had said there was no such thing as evil-- there was only absence of good. I expressed that belief to my dinner partner, Richard Kleindienst, one of Nixon's fired attorney generals. And he said to me, "Oh, there's evil all right. I've seen it."
Well now we've all seen it. The producers of the Today Show should turn the cameras on themselves and add their faces to the rogue's gallery of villains. What a world, what a world! Margaret Hamilton might say, no longer seeming a witch when measured against Kim Basinger. And what a country, what a country, that any of us are buying into any of that because of our preoccupation with celebrity, and our complete, I mean complete lack of an inner life, so we suck around the remains of the shattered lives of others.
Shame on us. And Happy Birthday to Hitler. He would be so pleased with the way it's all turned out, in spite of his appearing to lose.