Thursday, May 11, 2006

Some Birthday Wu Wu

Shirley MacLaine, the Princess of Wu Wu, was kind enough to tell me what to do on my birthdayto ensure that the year ahead brings me all I want it to. Shirley always goes into the mountains or someplace peaceful and meditates on her birthday(she is also a Taurus), and it must work, because she is still going strong. So my instruction was to find a quiet place, and a half hour before my birth time in whatever zone it was(Pittsburgh, so EDT) and a half hour after, to meditate and write down three times what it was I wanted.
I was to have lunch with my friend Steven at the Beverly Hills Hotel, so he was going to find me a quiet place in the garden for my visualization. Unfortunately I took a wrong turn, found myself on the highway to the Getty, and had to come back on a jammed freeway, so when the hour was approaching I had no choice but to pull into a quiet street off Sunset and begin. Unfortunately again I am not sure whether I was born at 3:35 or 3:25 so the heavens came in for a little extra quiet and loving energy from me, and the lady whose house I parked in front of looked at me tolerantly, gave a frightened, fake smile, but at least did not ask me to move on. I will report at the end of this year how much of what i asked for actually came to be.I had to write what I wrote three times with an eyeliner pencil as it was all I had in the car.
Then I went on to lunch with Steven and his partner, and we ate well and gossiped merrily as one will in LA no matter how spiritually evolved. But besides the meditative instruction, the Daily Word, which I do read every day as I failed to get a Ritz Diary this year and the Lord works in mysterious ways, had the word for today being 'Pray for Others.' So we did that in-between courses. I prayed for my darling friend Carleen that she should get a good job, and I prayed for Joie, and I prayed for my lovely friend Pat and her puppy who's having a hard time. Then Steven said he wanted to pray for Mohammed Ali since we haven't heard much about him lately, always a bad sign. Then we allprayed for the Democrats, that they'd pull it together. Then we had two birthday cakes as Tom, Steven's friend.has a birthday tomorrow. So we got a chance to make yet another wish, candles and all.
Scenic report on the Beverly Hills Hotel: all the young girls look like Lindsay Lohan, with cell-phone attached to ear, even as they stand talking to each other while talking to someone else. All the old girls look like Cloris Leachman, probably because that's who it was. A woman pianist(a pianistess?) played songs from an era when there were songs, wearing a straw hat. Everyone was very upset about Chris being thrown off American Idol,and I was even more upset that I have actually been watching. The couple who have been most welcoming to me here are a darling pair, Tom and Pam, who are addicted, and it has rubbed off. I am ashamed of myself, but even more ashamed that he lost, as he could really sing. This is my self-consciously self-condemning while really being self-congratulatory take on 'O what a rogue and peasant slave am I.' My embarrassment at what I have become knows no boundaries except that I am very happy and highly productive, so if I am a moron in the evening, I forgive me.
Then I came home where Jamie brought me the gift of a tiny iron teapot from Japan that sits on a prayer wheel, and some mint to pass the water through. Very simple, as she pretends to be.
Next I am going out to dinner with a friend to Toscana, where the other night I ate with Vicky and we saw Tom Hanks whose hair looks really silly, long in back as if it will make people not notice it is gone in front. That's all the news from Hollywood, which is not exactly the Rialto, but we do get a lot more done, and the flowers are fresher if you get them at Trader Joe's.
Thank you all for your birthday greetings. and doooooo join me in praying for the Democrats.

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