Thursday, October 06, 2005

What'sa Blogger to Do?

Some days the news defies satirizing. The past few editions of the papers and announcements on TV seem themselves to be parodies. A woman chosen as candidate for the solidest seat in the land who has never even judged a hog-calling contest,and considers W "the most brilliant man i ever met." Where's she been, in a kennel? While those of us who were dreamers enough to believe an education majoring in English could equip you for survival in the world, reel under mis-used and uninformed language, even high school dropouts wince at the opinion that things are getting "more better."
Bali bombed again. The most peaceful people on the planet are the Balinese, who believe in Instant Karma: that which you send out will boomerang back,so nobody loses their temper, they are so afraid of anger. Of course, occasionally there is that hapless burglar caught in stealing delicto coming out a window, at which point the whole village beats him to death, flees,and the police ask no questions. But aside from that, the most peaceful and loving people on the earth.
Those of you who know me understand I am a Quaker-Buddhist-Jew, something my husband begged me to put on the questionnaire for my Bryn Mawr reunion years ago to drive everybody crazy. But in addition to that, I get the Daily Word, a peaceful, uplifting thought to start the day with. And they passed my name on to the Daily Dig, which e-mails me uplifting thoughts in case I don't have enough, sometimes from Tolstoy, sometimes Dorothy Day, or Reinhold Niebuhr. But today's Daily Dig,coinciding with the right hand column of The New York Times warning of Bird Flu, said that Bush had asked Congress to let him call in the Military in the event of an Avian breakout. I of course thought it was a joke. Someone had hacked their way in and found an even greater absurdity than is the fact. So I e-mailed them back asking if it was a joke. No, they responded, deadly serious. Deadly. Serious.
I'm not sure if the military is supposed to move against the birds or the people who contract the flu, but I wish there was some way to get them to move against Bush. I spoke to my longtime idol Kurt Vonnegut, who says it's too late, that there's nothing we can do. But he is tired, by his own admission, and old, and., I am afraid,ready to pack it in. But what about the rest of us? Is there nothing we can do?
Enjoy every minute of every day. God knows, or maybe George will tell him so he'll know, how much time we have left. Take your clue from Mimi, who drinks in the weather and the water while it's here. Sneeze not lest you be sent to Guantanamo. Father,forgive him: he knows not what he does. But You already know that.

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