Sunday, August 07, 2005


The lake in Central Park, Mimi's front yard, is covered with a thick coat of light neon green, what Jamie once categorized as "pond scum," though at the time she was referring to the men I dated after Don died. I have decided that this president is pond scum, which is really unfair to pond scum, since it sticks only to the surface of the water and not stubbornly to its own agenda. By now the whole world knows Bush has given them the finger, in the person of John Bolton, at the same time giving the finger to all of us who love this country, but still believe there are others that deserve respect. The New York Times Op ed has takent he high ground, saying we are better off with him out of the White House where he could do more damage.
My friend Jordan says we are foolish to worry about our careers when there's going to be a nuclear war. I don't really believe that, but I do feel a sense of terror that this putz is allowed to torpedo this wonderful country. Then, because the Lord works in mysterious ways, it was revealed that his squeaky clean Supreme Court nominee actually did pro bono work on behalf of Gays. So the whole Republican right wing, which seems to me more a back and thigh, is up in arms and legs about the nomination. They are being reassured even at this moment that Roberts is just as inflexible and bigoted as they are, and will doubtless be compensated by having 'Intelligent Design,' the fundamentalist argument to Darwin, put into the school system or the schools won't get any money. What a world what a world; who would have thought that a dumb little boy like him could bring an end to all the beautiful wickedness, by which I here mean rational discussion, anathema to someone who refuses to listen.
Meanwhile on another front, the Hollywood one, Hal Dresner, my wittiest writer friend-- no arguments, you should hear some of the things he's said without thinking-- read the last blog and responded to the George Hamilton reference by imparting to me the intelligence that when he was working on 'Zorro, the Gay Blade,' he referred to George as Dorian Brown. Then he added that when told that, George smiled as though he understood.
Today's NY Times reported that in 1992 Karl Rove leaked to Novak damaging information about Robert Mosbacher that got Rove fired. The article goes on to tell that Novak walked out of a CNN broadcast, after uttering an obscenity."Bullshit," it was, which they did not report.They also do not report that Novak peed on himself before walking out, which Jon Stewart showed the tape of three times on the Daily Show, saying that was one leak that would surely have consequences. He said, like the mischievous boy he is beneath all his political insightd, "Let's see that again."
So is there hope? Will there be justice? . Stay tuned.

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